Cloud Identity Management

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    Bella Xervert 2 weeks ago

    Lately, I've been intrigued by cloud identification. After all, maintaining the necessary flow of business data in access control requires management attention and therefore a lot of time. And poor access control also often results in people retaining their privileges after they leave the company. Tell me a service where you can order identification in the cloud?

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    Maksim Gilonov 2 weeks ago

    A very useful procedure, actually, I think. that it won't be a problem for you to find people who will do this job for you. Start by searching on the Internet, and then you can already, if you can't find it there, place your ad on the labor exchange

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    Alex Novikov 2 weeks ago

    The problem of unauthorized access to data worries many executives of large companies. Employees of different levels must have the appropriate rights. Information security and the company's reputation depend on this. Data breach incidents cause irreparable reputational damage. 

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    Dubiner Assmone 2 weeks ago

    Cloud computing is penetrating deeper and deeper into our lives and probably there is not a single person who has not used any cloud services at least once However, what is a cloud and how it works, for the most part, few people know even at the level of an idea. This is already becoming a reality and the telecom infrastructure is starting to move from pole solutions to cloud solutions, as when it moved from all-hardware solutions to virtualized poles.

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    Bella Xervert 2 weeks ago

    I can also add that this is a model for providing user-friendly access to distributed computing resources that must be deployed and launched on demand with the lowest possible delay and minimal cost on the part of the service provider.

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    Oksi1428 2 weeks ago

    Identification in the Google cloud is user-specific, where all the features are detailed and focused on improving security while optimizing IT without sacrificing use. So if everything is done correctly, then there will be no problems, unless all the codes are outdated, in which case you need to fix it.

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