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3 Best Vocal Warmups

December 11, 2023


The best way to learn how to get better at singing is simply to make sure you do your vocal warm ups. The voice is a delicate instrument, and without proper warmup, there's the possibility of damage occurring. In order to avoid that, and to ensure your voice is in the besr shape possible, let's look at 3 easy vocal warmups!



A great way to wake up your breath support is by pulsing your abdominal muscles using lots of short detached notes. Lead with your belly engaging down and out like this and then begin to pulse as you sing each note. Try out a few different vowels with me.



Sirens are a very natural way to begin stretching your voice during warm-ups. Start with a small range and then with each new breath expand a little wider into your range. Eventually allow your voice to comfortably switch into head voice. Make sure you are allowing your jaw and tongue to stay fairly relaxed and neutral. Also check in with your lower abdominal muscles while you do this. They should be gently expanding down and out or engaging as you rise in pitch and relaxing as you fall back down. Follow along with me as I try out a few different vowel combinations. Notice which ones feel easier or harder to comfortably slide up and down with your voice.



One of the best ways to smooth out your voice is using glides like Wah and Yah with a waterfall style exercise. I’ll do both, one right after the other during the exercise. Lead with your breath dropping and engaging first and then allow your facial muscles, head, and shoulders to stay soft as you drop into the pattern and try to slow like water. Lets try it out.

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