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Easy Vocal Exercises for Mixed Voice

Posted February 9, 2024

Easy Vocal Exercises for Mixed Voice - 30 Day Singer

If you’re a beginning singer, you’ve probably found your chest voice and your head voice, but you may have some questions about mix. Mixed voice is typically not something we “find”, like our chest or head voice - it’s a balance we develop. In this lesson, you’ll learn 3 exercises to begin developing your mix in the easiest way possible.

Sing Better in 2024

Posted February 5, 2024

Sing Better in 2024 - 30 Day Singer

Because this is a time when many folks set new goals or commit to new habits, my tips for you today are less about technique and more about making your singing practice fun and sustainable.

All About Vocal Fry

Posted January 18, 2024

30 Day Singer - Vocal Fry

Vocal fry is considered to be the lowest register of your voice. The sound resembles a creaking door or a slightly gravely surface. When we are using vocal fry our vocal folds are just loose enough to allow little air bubbles to escape, which creates the crackling and popping sounds we hear. As a speaking habit, it can create a weak or disconnected lower body support mechanism, which can lead to vocal strain when trying to raise one’s voice.

How to Sing Harmony

Posted January 11, 2024

how to sing harmony

First, to understand harmony, we need to know what melody is! Melody is the principal part in harmonized music. It’s the lead line, the part we remember and sing along with. If I asked you to sing Happy Birthday, you’d be singing that song’s melody. 

3 Hacks to Grow Your Voice

Posted January 8, 2024

3 Hacks to Grow Your Voice - 30 Day Singer

The voice grows in power the best with resonance. When our vocal tract is able to get into the right shapes the vibrations produced by our voice start to build off of each other and amplify. Every singer who wants a big full voice needs to connect with optimal resonance.

Vocal Riffs and Runs for Beginners

Posted January 4, 2024

Vocal Riffs and Runs for Beginners

Riffs and runs are so fun, but they can be intimidating. That’s why we’re starting out easy, with a simple 3-note run. We’ll add on one pitch at a time, ending with a 5-note run pattern you might recognize. I’m Camille van Niekerk, here today with 30 Day Singer, and I invite you to follow along!

Sing Silent Night

Posted December 22, 2023

Sing Silent Night - 30 Day Singer

Silent Night is a beautiful traditional carol however, it can actually be surprisingly tricky to sing well. First off the phrases are long and involve a lot of long sustained notes. If you take this too slow at first the end phrases are going to get tough. We also need to have a generally gentle and soft tone to keep the feeling of a lullaby without losing pitch and going flat. 

Learn How To Sing

Posted December 19, 2023


Are you itching to belt out tunes like a pro or just want to improve your karaoke chops? Well, you're in the perfect spot to learn how to sing. Whether you're a beginner singer or someone who's been singing for a bit but feels stuck, this guide is for you.

How To Get Better At Singing

Posted December 19, 2023


Singing is not just about hitting the right notes; it's about expression, confidence, and connecting with your audience. But through the learning journey there are plateaus. There will be times where you improve a lot! But there also might be times when you feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting any better. You might say to yourself, I already know how to sing, so how do I get better? Let's dive into some practical tips on how to get better at singing no matter your skill level.

Best Singing Apps - What To Look For?

Posted December 18, 2023


Looking for the best singing apps can feel like auditioning for a lead role in a musical - you want something that hits all the right notes and makes the experience fun and fulfilling. Finding an app that suits your needs and teaches you how to sing is crucial. But with so many options out there, what should you look for? Let's break it down about what makes a singing app not just good, but the best – from a user-friendly interface to professional tutorials, and everything in between.

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