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How To Find Your Vocal Range

Posted April 4, 2023

How To Find Your Vocal Range

Camille van Niekerk

In this article, you’ll learn what the common vocal ranges are, how to find your range, and why it matters! You may have a wide range that covers more than one of the “standard” ranges.

Hey, I’m Camille with 30 day singer, and here are 3 daily exercises for great singing. These exercises in particular are great for register blending and helping you find more ease in your voice.

Pitch Matching for Beginning Singers

Posted March 10, 2023

Pitch Matching 30 Day Singer

Matching pitch is when we can hear a reference pitch and accurately recreate it. When two voices or instruments are producing the same pitch simultaneously, we say they’re in unison with one another.

Higher Male Vocal Register

Posted March 3, 2023

Higher male vocal register 30 Day Singer

I’m Abram from 30 Day Singer and here are some exercises to help you sing higher with less effort. I’m going to go over 3 essential components that will help you make considerable progress expanding your higher range. 

Chest Voice Exercises for Beginners

The first step is always to simply find your chest voice function. Thankfully, that’s pretty easy for most singers, since your chest voice IS your speaking voice. For that reason, most of the exercises within this lesson are mostly “speaking on pitch” with minimal sustain. 

Head Voice Exercises

Here are some of the best exercises for improving your head voice. Head voice, or falsetto, is the term for the lighter more hollow sounding register of the voice. It occurs in the highest part of our vocal range.

Best Exercises for Mixed Voice

Posted February 10, 2023

Best Exercises for Mixed Voice

Here are some of the best exercises to train your mixed voice register. The first step to blending our registers is to access them, and not get stuck only singing in chest voice or only singing in head voice. 

5 Singing Myths DEBUNKED

Posted January 27, 2023

5 Singing Myths Debunked 30 Day Singer

There’s no shortage of opinions and myths when it comes to singing, partly due to the fact that we all have different bodies, meaning we all have different instruments, and a singer’s experience is so subjective.

Another factor is: singing has been around forever, but vocology (the study of the voice) is relatively new, as is the ability to visualize the vocal folds in action!

Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Posted January 23, 2023

Our Vocal Cords normally open as we breathe in air and remain open while we exhale. It’s also normal when we speak, sing, swallow, cough, or lift heavy things, that our vocal folds come together at different degrees of force. So what is Vocal Cord Dysfunction?

Contralto Vocal Range

Posted January 23, 2023

The first way to determine if you are a Contralto is to see if you can sing comfortably in the middle of this range from F3 to C5.This is often referred to as your tessitura. Your voice should have the best and most natural sound quality here and so tessitura is a word that specifically excludes the very extreme edge of your range on either side!

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