If you’re a beginning singer, you’ve probably found your chest voice and your head voice, but you may have some questions about mix. Mixed voice is typically not something we “find”, like our chest or head voice - it’s a balance we develop. In this lesson, you’ll learn 3 exercises to begin developing your mix in the easiest way possible.


Our first exercise is a slide from chest voice with a wide, bright A sound to head voice with a light, hooty OO. We’ll jump first and then slide.


We’re using vowels to help guide us from chest voice into head voice. If you just jump, you’re not doing much to develop your mix. But if you slide, and especially if you let those vowels blend into one another gradually, that will help you begin finding a balance or blend in the middle of your range.


Let’s keep going with the slide idea, this time on an NG sound like the end of the word sing. Say the word “sing” and sustain the end. ow slide up and down and be very mindful to not jump. Take your time, even if it means you crack somewhere in the middle or feel unstable. Semi-closed sounds like the NG are wonderful for finding balance and developing mix.


For our final exercise, we’ll stick with the same slide pattern, this time on a very bright MA sound, like the word “map”. I said at the beginning of this lesson that mix is something we develop, rather than find, but this exercise is the closest I’ve experienced to “finding” some mix balance for beginners. Just like the last exercise, take your time sliding. I know an A sound can get heavy and shouty, so keep your focus on brightness, even nasality, to help counteract that.


Thank you so much for spending this time with me, and I hope these exercises help you start developing your mix for smoother transitions and less cracking!

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