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3 Hacks to Grow Your Voice

January 8, 2024


Hi, I’m Abram from 30 Day Singer and here are 3 Tricks to help grow your voice.


1. Resonance


The voice grows in power the best with resonance. When our vocal tract is able to get into the right shapes the vibrations produced by our voice start to build off of each other and amplify. Every singer who wants a big full voice needs to connect with optimal resonance. There is a default resonance that singers can achieve conveniently called the “singer's formant.” I find that vowel glides like Yah and Wah are a fast and easy way to find this formant while singing.


Try singing a Yah with me. Keep your mouth open and hollow and then try to move the back heel of your tongue up and down without the rest of your mouth following. Listen for the metallic ringing sound that voice starts to produce. It will sound like natural autotune. Now let's sing a simple pattern. Sing it a few times with me and see if you can find your singer's formant. 


2. Support


The next crucial step in growing the power of your voice is to connect to your vocal support, especially when rising up to a higher pitch. Place your hand a few inches below your belly button and sing. Use the M sound to gradually push out with the muscles just under your belly where your hand is, with the most engagement on the top note. Then allow your abdominal muscles to relax your voice back down to the starting pitch. Alright let’s turn it into a short exercise by moving incrementally around our vocal range. 


3. Vibrato


Another great way to grow the size of your voice is to practice using more vibrato while you sing. Let’s try a few words with round and tall vowels and practice opening up some vibrato wherever possible. I’ll sing “Move Mountains" and you try with me.


Vibrato can take some time and more targeted practice to develop so If you are struggling with this, then I would recommend checking out some of our other content that specifically covers ways to find your vibrato.

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