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Build A Strong Vocal Range

Posted July 21, 2023

Strong Vocal Range - 30 Day Singer


Are you looking for an easy-to-follow warmup to strengthen your voice? I’m Camille with 30 day singer, sharing my favorite warmups to build strength across your range. 

Let’s first engage our abdominals with a pulsing hiss, into a semi-closed exercise like a lip trill. If the lip trill doesn’t work well for you, please use a sustained VV, ZZ, BB, MM, NN or NG. The goal is to keep your low abs engaged and your ribcage lifted, all the way through the end of the exercise. Keep your upper belly soft and relaxed, though - we don’t want the solar plexus hardening or crunching inward.

How to Sing - Part 6: Stylize Your Voice - 30 Day Singer

The fact is: most people can sing at some level. But not everyone sounds like a natural, polished singer. What sets those singers apart, aside from technical skill and experience? For me, it all comes down to style. And while the mechanics of singing are crucial, we can’t neglect stylization!

How to Sing - Part 5


I’m Camille, singer & voice teacher with 30 Day Singer and this is How To Sing: Part 5 - Exercising Your Full Range

In order to access and exercise our full range, we need to transition between chest (or speaking) voice and head voice (or falsetto). It’s completely normal for this transition to be clunky at first, and if your voice cracks, that’s normal, too!

If you are looking for the perfect karaoke song the best way to start is to get an idea of where your own vocal range may be. The upper range will be a little different for both males and females, but if you have a higher pitched voice there are many songs to choose from. Here are 15 of the best karaoke songs for those singers with high voices.

When trying to find the best karaoke song we need to find what is the most suitable for our voice. One quick way to break music down is into low and high registers depending on what your voice can handle. Of course what is low can vary depending on your vocal range and whether you are male or female. Here are 15 of the best karaoke songs to sing if your abilities fit better in deep and lower voices.

15 Best Karaoke Songs Ever!

Posted June 26, 2023

What makes a song the best for karaoke? There are several factors like your skills and the audience that will make a big difference in how that question is answered. Below is a selection of great songs that are very popular to sing, along with tips and pointers as to why they are suitable tunes. Here is our look at the 15 best karaoke songs ever!

How to Sing - 30 Day Singer

I’m Camille, singer & voice teacher with 30 day singer, and this is How To Sing - Part 3: Pairing Breath With Sound. You already know how to breathe, and you can’t speak or sing without breath - so why do we need to learn about breathing at all?

Good Mic Technique for Singers

Posted June 9, 2023

Good Mic Technique - 30 Day Singer

Hi I’m Abram with 30 Day Singer and this lesson is all about proper mic technique for beginning singers.

At some point as a singer you will probably sing with a microphone either on a stand or held in your hand. This is usually a dynamic microphone that has a cone like this then it is a dynamic microphone. Condenser mics pick up a larger area and so there is generally less technique required for this. 

Sing Like A Pro

Posted June 2, 2023

Sing Like A Pro - 30 Day Singer

Hi, I’m Abram from 30 Day Singer and I’ve designed this lesson to help you stop sounding like a beginner and start sounding like a pro. 

One of the biggest differences between a pro and a beginning singer is the use of resonance and vowel modification. When we know how to adjust the shape of our vowels we are able to get a bright and ringing sound from our voice. It's what a lot of people attribute to a trained singer compared to a beginner.

How to Find Your Voice

Posted May 26, 2023

Where's Your Voice? - 30 Day Singer

Hi, I’m Abram from 30daysinger and here is an exercise flow to help you find your singing voice.

I’ll quickly describe the exercise, demonstrate, and then repeat for you to try it out as well. If you are a lower voiced singer try matching my pitch. If you are a higher voiced singer try matching my voice an octave higher. You might be doing this naturally. The most important thing is to find a natural and comfortable part of your range to start with.

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