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Best Exercises for Mixed Voice

February 10, 2023


Here are some of the best exercises to train your mixed voice register. The first step to blending our registers is to access them, and not get stuck only singing in chest voice or only singing in head voice. 

Let’s start by first making sure we can access both registers. Feel the forward resonance and sympathetic vibration in your chest. Now sing in head voice. Try to open the vowel a bit to Waye Oh using the same pattern.

If that was a little overwhelming and moving too fast for you, I’d recommend checking out our content on chest voice or head voice for more information and time working in each specific register.

Chest Voice -

Head Voice -

Now we switch registers quickly by jumping an octave. I like Nah and Noo, but if you have another favorite syllable for chest voice or head voice, feel free to use that instead! Now try the same thing but as a slide or siren. Remember to let go of your support and relax as you come back down into chest voice.

Finally, we’ll end with a more seamless full sounding mix using medium sized vowels like Nuh for chest voice dominant sounds and Ney for head voice dominant sounds. Please feel free to try each of them out or rotate through as you sing.

Developing a smooth transition from low to high does take time. That said, it’s a skill worth working on, because not only are you developing the ability to transition seamlessly between registers; you’re also developing the ability to sing at different volumes and intensities throughout your range.


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