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Build A Strong Vocal Range

July 21, 2023

Are you looking for an easy-to-follow warmup to strengthen your voice? I’m Camille with 30 day singer, sharing my favorite warmups to build strength across your range. 


Let’s first engage our abdominals with a pulsing hiss, into a semi-closed exercise like a lip trill. If the lip trill doesn’t work well for you, please use a sustained VV, ZZ, BB, MM, NN or NG. The goal is to keep your low abs engaged and your ribcage lifted, all the way through the end of the exercise. Keep your upper belly soft and relaxed, though - we don’t want the solar plexus hardening or crunching inward.


Now we’ll use the support of a B sound to find and maintain balance throughout our range.


The final strength exercise will take us from a strong chest voice to a balanced mix. Those vowels are A as in CAT, E as in BED, and U as in WHAT.

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