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Daily Singing Exercises for Beginners

May 5, 2023


Hi, I’m Abram with 30daysinger, and here are some daily exercises for great singing. 

Exercise 1: ZZ Sirens to 5ths 

Start with some Vocal Sirens on a ZZ. Don’t overdo it. Gently pulse your lower support muscles and notice how the pitch of your zz rises up and then falls back down as you release these muscles.

Awesome. Now let’s get more specific, using this zz sound to sing a 5th. Try to keep your head and neck relaxed and level, especially as you rise up to the higher note. 


Exercise 2: Yah and Wah Glides

Let’s stretch our vocal tract by using some glides. Yah is a glide that uses the heel of the tongue. This helps us feel the space near the back of our mouth. Be careful not to tighten your jaw. You may need a hand to help it relax a bit as well. Just let it hang open. 

Wah is a glide made with the lips. The same rules apply here. Let that jaw just hang open, and try to get your lips to do more of the work.  Take a moment and try moving back and forth between these two glides. 

Alright, let’s alternate between these two glides on that same 5th pattern as we did in the exercise before. You might want to throw in a few ZZs here and there if you are finding your head tilting up a lot.


Exercise 3: Zayah using 6th

For this last exercise, let's combine all the forces from the previous two exercises for an added challenge. Notice how your body might want to flinch or fall out of alignment when singing the extra note on the top. See if you can use your support and the Yah  glide to smooth out this part of the exercise. Add an extra ZZ sound here if you want to feel some extra support energy.


Make this a daily routine and you will be on the road to more consistent great singing.


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