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How to Find Your Voice

May 26, 2023


Hi, I’m Abram from 30 Day Singer and here is an exercise flow to help you find your singing voice.


I’ll quickly describe the exercise, demonstrate, and then repeat for you to try it out as well. If you are a lower voiced singer try matching my pitch. If you are a higher voiced singer try matching my voice an octave higher. You might be doing this naturally. The most important thing is to find a natural and comfortable part of your range to start with. 


For our first exercise we are going to explore our resonance with the glides Yah and Wah. For Yah, we move the back of our tongue and keep the front relaxed. For Wah, we move mainly our lips. For both, keep your jaw relaxed and still. These glides are a trick to boost resonance and help you feel your voice more like an instrument.


Exercise 1: Wah/Yah Glides Drone


On a single pitch try switching between Wah and Yah. Try it again and listen for any extra sounds you may hear as you move quickly through vowel shapes in these glides. Let’s move around a few pitches and feel for this resonance.


Exercise 2: Weyah 1,2,1,7,1


Try using these glides moving through a few notes. Feel for your lower abdominal muscles pulsing out as you rise up to the first note, relax as you fall back down in pitch. Avoid moving your head up and down with the pitch. Alright let's move through the exercise listening for any resonance that may show up in our sound.


Exercise 3: Way or Yah on 3rds


Let's expand to a bigger interval. I recommend switching between Yah and Wah to see which one helps you boost resonance more. Allow your abdominal muscles to push out more for the first note and somewhat relax for the second. Try to hold out the first note a little longer each time.


Awesome work! Finding resonance is a huge step in finding your singing voice and makes for more effortless singing. Just remember that the more relaxed and aligned your body is, the easier it will be for you to find! 

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