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How to Sing - Part 5: Exercising Your Full Range

June 30, 2023


I’m Camille, singer & voice teacher with 30 Day Singer and this is How To Sing: Part 5 - Exercising Your Full Range

In order to access and exercise our full range, we need to transition between chest (or speaking) voice and head voice (or falsetto). It’s completely normal for this transition to be clunky at first, and if your voice cracks, that’s normal, too!

Our first exercise is a dopey GEEH or cuckoo clock sound. We’re using this dopey sound the entire time so our throat stays relaxed, and we’re not tempted to “muscle into” those high notes. We’re not going for strength here, just an easy transition into that lighter sound.

Taking it one step further, we’ll intentionally start and end in a strong chest voice or speaking voice. Both HEY and YEAH should feel spoken, with the oo sound lightening or thinning out.

Finally, we’ll use a silly sound to help us find more strength in this transition: a tongue-out MA. Your tongue may want to pull back, but keep it relaxed outside the mouth. Notice also how bright and almost “catty” the sound is. That’s intentional, so we’re not too heavy or shouty!

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