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Smooth Vocal Transition

August 11, 2023


Are you frustrated by a noticeable “break” or “crack” when you sing from low to high? I’m Camille with 30 day singer, and this is your beginner-friendly register blending warmup.


If you haven’t already tried my “switching registers” warmup, I strongly recommend you get comfortable with that first. If you have, let’s learn a few new exercises! And I want to give you a tip that’ll apply to each of the following exercises: you’ll achieve a smoother transition if you keep your volume relatively consistent.


First: a creaky hum. Pretend you’re a door slowly creaking open. That “creaky” sound is called vocal fry, and it’s great for bringing the vocal folds together in a really relaxed way. Had you heard of vocal fry before this? Use this creaky fry sound now on a hum.


Exercise: creaky hum 1-3 5 8-5 3 1

Next, let’s slide on an NG sound, like the end of the word sing. Say the word sing, elongating the ending. Now straight to that NG sound. We’re sliding one octave up and down. Your jaw can be comfortably dropped!


Exercise: NG slide 181

Same pattern, now on a tongue-out MA sound. Your tongue may want to pull back, but keep it relaxed outside the mouth. Notice also how bright and almost “catty” the sound is. That’s intentional, so we’re not too heavy or shouty!


Exercise: Tongue-out MA 181

Although you may continue to experience some cracks or moments of instability, over time these exercises will help your voice transition smoothly from one register to the next.

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