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15 Best Karaoke Songs Ever!

June 26, 2023


15 Best Karaoke Songs Ever

By Shawn Leonhardt for 30 Day Singer


What makes a song the best for karaoke? There are several factors like your skills and the audience that will make a big difference in how that question is answered. Below is a selection of great songs that are very popular to sing, along with tips and pointers as to why they are suitable tunes. Here is our look at the 15 best karaoke songs ever!


I Want It That Way


The Backstreet Boys song is not only a classic hit, but it has also been parodied and sung many times throughout pop culture. If you are in a group looking for a suitable karaoke song, this one is always fun to do. The only problem this tune has is being too popular and someone may beat you to it!


I Wanna Dance With Somebody


Almost any Whitney Houston hit could have been placed in this spot, her songs are very popular and well received. If you have a great voice in R&B and want to show off your skills this can be a great song to do it with. It’s also a classic, danceable, and catchy so most of the audience will likely love those 80’s electronic drums!


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This Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper duet is a commonly sung love ballad but keep the ballad part in mind for the right audience. This is a great karaoke song for the right time and place, for slower times of the night and with two singers that can pull it off. Usually modern tunes aren’t always the best pick, but strangely this one is quite popular in karaoke.


The Time Warp


If you are amongst a wild and fun group then there are many Rocky Horror Picture Show songs that would fit the list for a great karaoke song. The Time Warp is not hard to sing and of course has a dance routine that goes along with it, so be sure there is room for the audience to do the Time Warp if you are going to sing it! Of course Rocky Horror is more for adult fans, so keep that in mind when doing any numbers from that musical.


Friends in Low Places


This Garth Brooks hit is a standard crowd pleaser and often will get more people singing along. Despite its title and subject matter it is not that adult oriented, and suitable for most audiences. If your voice has a great twang and you can sing this country blues hit well, that is great! And even if you can’t pull it off, people love the song!


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I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire


This classic doo wop soul hit is perfect for someone to showcase their refined vocal talents. If you are trying to win first place in a karaoke contest this is a great way to get the audience’s attention. Plus this song has modern pop culture relevance so it will also be a tune that is well-known.


Bohemian Rhapsody


This Queen song has everything you could want and is perfect for almost any audience. The movie Wayne’s World cemented its status as a culturally important song to sing along too! It can be done in a group with the best singer fronting the karaoke, or you can simply make your way through it in a silly manner. Anything goes with this wild hit.


Tom’s Diner


This is more of an anti-song compared to the other hits on the list. If you can’t sing well and want to join in, this is perfect. It’s known by many generations and everyone will likely accompany you on the do-da-do-do!


It Happened in Monterey


Any Frank Sinatra hit that is suitable for you to sing will work as a best karaoke song, especially if you are trying to showcase your vocal skills. It especially has a romantic vibe if you are aiming for that and is suitable for most crowds.


Total Eclipse of the Heart


This was already a popular karaoke song and then the movie Old School made it even bigger! It can be great for a singer looking to show off their chops or even just to let loose and belt it out. It’s not a great one for the peak of the party, but it can be very fun at the right time!


Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


This Elton John and Kiki Dee duet is one of the standard date night karaoke songs, it would probably not be the best for an office party! For the most part it is not too difficult to sing and most of all it’s fun!


Ice Ice Baby


HipHop is not easy to do for karaoke, a lot of it has lyrics that will not be appropriate for most singing situations. However this Vanilla Ice hit is a popular hit for those that want to show off their rapping skills and not take things too seriously. If you are looking to sing a duo, then try the original “Under Pressure” by Bowie and Queen!


Walkin’ After Midnight


If a vocalist has a great country voice this can be a wonderful tune to showcase their skills, most Patsy Cline hits are perfect for karaoke. The song may be a longing for lost love ballad but it is still mostly upbeat and suitable for most situations and audiences.


Hold On


If you need another group karaoke song, but are too old for The Backstreet Boys, perhaps Wilson Phillips is better! Like the other song this is one that people both love and hate, either way it is popular in the party world to attempt to sing it. And if alcohol is involved it is not always easy to sing together at the right parts!


I Love Rock and ’Roll


Not all punk is suitable for karaoke but this Joan Jett hit is great, especially if you can’t sing that well. If you are intimidated by songs with more singing this will be a little more suitable as you can also just shout it out. Of course if you can sing punk blues rock, by all means show your skills!


Of course the 15 best karaoke songs ever are going to be popular songs that span many generations. Depending on the party you are at, your goal is usually to play what is known, don’t be obscure or too heavy. If you are attempting to win a contest perhaps find something more unique, but if you want to have a great time with most audiences, the songs above will always go over great!

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