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15 Best Karaoke Songs For High Voices

June 26, 2023


Best 15 Karaoke Songs for High Voices

By Shawn Leonhardt for 30 Day Singer


If you are looking for the perfect karaoke song the best way to start is to get an idea of where your own vocal range may be. The upper range will be a little different for both males and females, but if you have a higher pitched voice there are many songs to choose from. Here are 15 of the best karaoke songs for those singers with high voices.


Dance Monkey


This is a recent hit by Tones and I so it will go over well with younger crowds. This song doesn’t work at all when sung in a lower pitch so make sure to really keep your vocals high to match the energy of the tune. It’s the higher voice that makes it the cute and quirky song it has become.




Prince is a master of many instruments and vocals, even in this stripped-down song of drum machines and simple funk guitar. The key to this song isn’t just the higher pitched singing, but also doing it with the right syncopation to get the groove right. Some of his screams and vocal punctuations may be a little challenging to reach for most singers.




Britney Spears has a great vocal range but she tends to do best when singing in a higher octave. This song starts out a little lower in register and then gets higher at the chorus. Despite this song being a couple decades old it is still popular as a sound clip on most social media sites so it is still a great karaoke choice.




If you are a man with a falsetto voice then most Four Seasons and Frankie Valli tunes will be perfect to show off your skills. This song is going to be a challenge to hit some of the higher notes, so make sure you know you can pull such tones off! There is a fine line between sounding great or awful when singing so high.


Brand New Key


If you are in the mood for some simple 70s bubblegum pop then this song is perfect. Melanie sings in a high register that captures that teen roller skating vibe of past eras. It’s an overall fun song that is liked by many generations.


Welcome to the Jungle


High pitched vocals are common in heavy metal as they tend to cut through the hard rocking mix. Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses was one of the best known 80s hair rockers thanks to his signature high voice. Almost any GnR songs will be suitable for this list, you must be sure you have the vocal chops to handle his range and energy.




This song by Avril Lavigne is not only in a higher register but it is quite easy to sing along too. For those that have a high but maybe not the best voice, this karaoke classic may be just the right fit. Parts of the verse are more spoken than sung, so that makes it easier on those parts.


Jane Says


This is a great song for a high-pitched vocalist that may not be the best singer. Here it is more important to capture that alternative and indie vibe of the 90’s. The goal isn’t singing perfection, but instead to focus on the strained lyrics of a rather heavy topic for such a light sounding song. Despite the pleasant steel drum sound, the tune is about the struggle of the main character.


Barbie Girl


This 90s song by the band Aqua is a great mix of low and high vocals with Ken and Barbie. However the bulk of the song is very high pitched and sung from Barbie’s point of view. Of course this song will have a resurgence with the new movie coming out!


Lightning Strikes


The original 1966 version of this song featured the higher pitched vocals of Lou Christie, but if you are looking for a real challenge try the 80s version by countertenor opera singer Klaus Nomi. Bonus points if you dress up in his Bowie inspired outfit! His version is some of the highest pitches on the list!


Eternal Flame


Love ballads aren’t always the best karaoke songs as there is a time and a place for them. But this Bangles hit is great for the singer with a similar voice as Susanna Hoffs, in fact many of that band’s songs are suitable for higher voices.


Over the Rainbow


This song can be suitable for high or low voices depending on the version you pick. Judy Garland hit some very high notes in her original version, while IZ sang a slightly different style, but he still hits the high notes! It’s up to you to do the Broadway or modern pop version of this classic.




Most Gwen Stefani solo and No Doubt songs are going to be suitable for a higher pitched singer. This tune is a little lower than her normal songs but has a nice mix of alto singing and rapping. “I’m Just a Girl” is also a great choice as it purposely plays on that higher voice trope.


Whole Lotta Love


If you are a guy or girl looking for some hard rocking higher vocals then Led Zeppelin is perfect. Robert Plant is a master of breaking through the heavy drums and guitar riffs with his powerful and sometimes shrill voice. To pull this song off right you need to belt it out and be a great singer with raw emotion!


Let It Go


Most Disney songs that are sung by princesses are perfect high-pitched tunes for karaoke. The most popular by far is Elsa’s “Let It Go.” This one mostly doesn’t get that high, but it is still perfect for a soprano that wants to show off their skills with a beloved Disney hit!


Besides the artists mentioned here there are many more songs that are sung in a high voice that are perfect for karaoke. Always be sure to practice first so you know that you can hit the proper notes of the tune. Unless of course you are just out to have fun, in that case sing as high and shrill as you can, just make sure not to break any glass or drive the dog crazy!

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