Day 1: Welcome And What To Expect

From: 14-Day Range Extension Course With Abram
by Abram Poliakoff

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This course requires that you are matching pitch comfortably and have a basic understanding of vocal technique and registration. Since range extension involves testing out and expanding our vocal limits, I recommend that you have completed at least one of our Beginner Courses Part 1 or 2 before attempting this course. This will ensure that you have a good base understanding of healthy vocal technique, so that you can get the most out of the material we’re about to cover!

The course is divided up into 2 Parts: 

In Part 1 we will cover principles involved in stretching and conditioning our voice to reach our lowest and highest notes in both our chest and head voice separately. 

For Part 2 we will cover how to effectively bridge the gap between our chest and head voice for the most fluid transitions and extensions between all registers of our voice using mixed voice techniques.  

Warm-Up: Let's finish off our first day with some exercises that can be used as both a warm up or cool down routine as a way to decompress and reset your voice throughout the course.

  1. Hum to Open

  1. Staccato Pulsing on Ha 1-5 

  1. Weyah (1-5-1) Stepwise 

  1.  Waterfall exercise Wah (8,5,3,1) 


Instructor: Abram Poliakoff

Abram Poliakoff is a singer, guitarist, pianist, teacher, conductor, and composer. He received a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Arts from USC’s Thornton School of Music and has been teaching music for 8 years. He is currently both the Associate Artistic Director and a tenor in the L.A. Choral Lab, which recently released its first studio album Sonic Visions in the fall of 2019. Abram teaches and performs a wide range of genres including Classical, Jazz, Folk and Popular music in the Los Angeles area. He has also sung with the San Francisco Opera and Pocket Opera in the Bay Area. His teaching mission is to help his students utilize vocal technique to find their authentic and healthy voice while maximizing genre flexibility and a naturalness of expression.