From: Intro to R&B Singing Tutorial with Jameson Tabor
by Jameson Tabor

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Join us in welcoming our newest instructor Jameson Tabor! As a blues-based artist, he has always been inspired by soulful singers. He grew up singing in churches; on stages; touring with a national champion gospel choir; then collaborating with Grammy award-winning musicians on my own music. And now I’ve worked with 1000s of artists to find their own unique sound.

In part 1 of this tutorial, we’ll be feeling out the blues scale which will help you tap into more emotional singing in a call and response exercise. In part 2, we'll focus on scoops and drops, which are the little grace notes that often stylize RnB phrases. In part 3, we will work your air flow to add breathiness to your sound as another stylistic tool. And finally, in part 4 we’ll focus on staying relaxed and open as
you increase your accuracy in fast riffs and runs.

Once you finish this series, please come back and add these exercises to your daily singing exploration. Make sure you always get your voice warm first. You can also use the Part 1: Call and Response as a warmup any time too.

Alright! Let’s go!


Instructor: Jameson Tabor

It’s impossible not to feel the energy of artist and producer Jameson Tabor who spins a fresh sound through dance-pop and its’ emerging sub-genre, bluestep. His soulful voice and playful personality showcase an updated, sensitive version of masculinity. Since the release of his debut EP “PURSUIT,” his song "Pull Me In" won best music video at the Eurasia International Film Festival, and “Black Dust” won at the Global Music Awards in 2020, making statements on diversity and inclusion. As a self-made artist, Jameson has written and recorded with several Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters.