Basic Blues Scale with Call & Response

From: Intro to R&B Singing Tutorial with Jameson Tabor
by Jameson Tabor

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Before we can get to the call and response exercise, I want to introduce you to the basic blues scale which we’ll be using for most of this tutorial. The blues scale is a minor pentatonic scale, but with one extra “blue” note added in the middle of the scale. This “blue-note” is actually an “out-of-key” note, and its on the flat-5 scale degree, on the half-step between steps 4 and 5. Listen as I play the scale first without, and then again with the “blue-note”

Follow along as the instructor sings the first half of the blues scale going up. He will say “blue” when we get to the “blue-note” and then come back down. Notice that we are skipping 2, and the 3rd is minor. This blues scale is used in a lot of styles of music, but it is especially prevalent in R&B. If you’re already comfortable with this scale, you might start to feel the notes you like to lean on. That’s awesome. Express yourself.

We will then move on to a call and response section where the instructor sings a phrase and you repeat it back. Just follow along with your best attempt, even if it’s not completely right. In fact, you might even end up improvising your own melody in response. That’s great! The goal is for you to sing with freedom.

Just open up your mouth and try to let the music move you.

Minor Blues scale on HEY HO HOO 1-b3-4-b5-5, 5-b5-4-b3-1
EY OH 1-b3-1, 1-b7-1, 1-b3-1-b7-1, 1-b3-4-b3-1, 1-b3-4-b5-4-b3-1, 1-b3-4-b5-5, 1-b3-4-
b5-5-b5-4, 5-b5-4, b5-4-b3, /5-b5-4-b3-1, b5-4-b3-1, 1-/1-/1-/1, 1-b3-4-/4, 1-b3-4-b5-5-b7, /b7-5-/b7-5,
b7-5-b7-8, /8-b7-5-/5, 8-/8-/8-/8, 8-/8-/8-b7, 8-b10-8-b7, 8-/10-8-b7, /8-/8-/8-/8-b7-/5-4, /8-b10-8-b7-8-
b7-/5, /5-b7-5-4, 1-b3-1-/1, 8-b7-5-b5-4, 8-b7-5-1, 1-b7-1-/1, 1-b3-4-b5-5-b7, 1-b3-4-b5-5-b7-7-8

Awesome job! See you in part 2!


Instructor: Jameson Tabor

It’s impossible not to feel the energy of artist and producer Jameson Tabor who spins a fresh sound through dance-pop and its’ emerging sub-genre, bluestep. His soulful voice and playful personality showcase an updated, sensitive version of masculinity. Since the release of his debut EP “PURSUIT,” his song "Pull Me In" won best music video at the Eurasia International Film Festival, and “Black Dust” won at the Global Music Awards in 2020, making statements on diversity and inclusion. As a self-made artist, Jameson has written and recorded with several Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters.