Introduction to Singing with Style

From: Singing Style of Your Favorite Female Artists
by Reagan James

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Your instructor for this course is Reagan James, former contestant on hit TV show "The Voice". In this series of lessons, Reagan will demonstrate ways to make your performance unique and interesting. Each lesson will showcase popular singing techniques used by various iconic female vocalists. From Ella Fitzgerald to Carrie Underwood, follow along and learn how manipulating your inflection, pronunciation, and switching the part of your mouth you sing from, can add personal style to your singing. Using an original song that she created for this course, Reagan will show you exactly how to pull influence from these great singers, and apply the methods to your performance.

Remember: the idea isn't to mimic their voices exactly, but instead, you want to take advantage of using these techniques to create your own signature sound.


Instructor: Reagan James

R&B singer-songwriter Reagan James, thrust into the national spotlight in 2014 as a Top 10 artist on NBC’s The Voice, combines soulful melody with contagious groove in her growing catalog of original music. Awards include The Voice Season 7 Top 10 and winner of the Kidd Kraddick/Scooter Braun National Talent Scout competition. Her influences are Sia, Norah Jones, Lorde, John Legend, Colbie Caillat, Amy Winehouse, and Queen.