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Daily Singing Exercises for Beginners

March 17, 2023


Hey, I’m Camille with 30 day singer, and here are 3 daily exercises for great singing. These exercises in particular are great for register blending and helping you find more ease in your voice.


1. Puffer fish 

Start by exhaling through semi-closed lips, letting your cheeks puff out.


Now keep that shape and airflow, and add sound. If you’d like even more resistance, place a finger on your lips. This exercise is an awesome warmup, cooldown, and vocal “reset”, especially if your voice is feeling tired or tight during your practice session.


2. Creaky hum 

Pretend you’re a door slowly creaking open. That “creaky” sound is called vocal fry, and it’s great for bringing the vocal folds together in a really relaxed way. Use this creaky fry sound now on a hum.


3. Spacious inhale

Many singers constrict or close up for high notes. This exercise trains us to prepare for high notes with space instead! Inhale like you’re surprised, and notice the extra space you feel in your mouth and throat. Now take in a slower, relaxed breath, creating space in the same areas. That’s your spacious inhale, after which we’ll sing a simple descending OO. 


I hope these exercises felt good to sing, and I encourage you to save this video next time you want a gentle, register blending warm-up!


0:00 - Intro

0:34 - Puffer Fish

3:51 - Creaky Hum

7:20 - Spacious Inhale

10:15 - Outro

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