How to select a Teacher?

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    Ggadsby 3 days ago

    Hello everyone

    I'm Garry and have just signed up for the full year subscription and now wonder how to choose between Jonathan or Jon as a Teacher?

    I am an older beginner (60 in a couple of months) but in good physical condition and can play the didgeridoo and circular breathe and do Tai Chi. I am keen to develop good fundamentals for breathing and developing my voice, but have absolutely no prior experience in doing this😃.


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    Camille van Niekerk 3 days ago

    Hi Garry, I'd watch a few lessons from both instructors to see whose personality and instruction style you prefer. Jonathan gives more vocal technique, while Jon gives more music theory/scale awareness. 

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    Ggadsby 2 days ago

    Thanks so much Camille,

    That's good feedback and will check out both as suggested. I get the feeling in the beginning for me it might be good to go with vocal technique, which I'm assuming is about developing a sound and exercising the vocal chords and breathing technique? Would be good to hear what you think?




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