Vocal training and practice.

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    Raymondchomo15 3 weeks ago

    Heyy there, am first and foremost grateful for this website, its so informative, so encouraging and educational. I appreciate 30Daysinger for such an amazing opportunity. As for me, am just beginning my music career as singer, and getting to know all i have to do in order to become a great musician, i mean the drills and stuff.. 😌 I am challenged on when to keep on practicing, how long am i supposed to take vocal drilling per day to get my voice in shape, and to strengthen my voice? Secondly what am i supposed to do when practicing my head voice coz i get headaches when practicing head voice? I look forward to being advised.



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    Ficela 3 weeks ago

     I feel the same way to it is pretty interesting and I learn new methods, tactics, and more vocal practices every day!

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 weeks ago

    Hi, Raymond! See below for a few resources to help you establish a good practice routine:



    As for headaches & head voice: consider singing at a different dynamic (volume), on a different vowel, or using something semi-closed (like a lip trill or hum) for a while. Head voice should feel light and easy - no need to push for power! See below:



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