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    Maggie Currier 4 months ago

    It seems that every time I come onto the site, it takes me back to lesson 1 and I have to start and stop each lesson  ( keep hitting next) to finally get to the lesson where I need to be.  The site doesn't recognize that I've completed lesson 1 and 2??

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 months ago

    Hi, Maggie! The default is day 1, but you should be able to scroll down to your desired lesson directly (instead of navigating by hitting "next lesson" repeatedly). Please look for the "lessons" tab (on the righthand side of the screen, below the video and "next lesson" button). 

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    MARC VENET 2 months ago

    Hello Camille, following up on original post here. Just starting course and the navigation is a frustration. I see both the next lesson button as well as the navigation items and right hand pane to subsequent lesson and quite frankly they seem to have very slow response. I am pretty sure my internet connection is good.

    Is there a way so you can change it so that it "remembers" which lesson you were on?

    I am using Google Chrome. Is there another browser that works better for this



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    Camille van Niekerk 2 months ago

    Hi Marc, thanks for your question! I'm also using Chrome and navigation is quick for me - but I'm sorry to say we don't yet have the capability to "remember" which lesson you're on. The team is aware, though, and we hope to make that update in the future! 

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