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    Firerosefairy 1 day ago

    hello, i Am practicing for The Voice audition video but I feel less confident of myself. I'm doing the two songs steady heart by Kameron marowne and up by luke Bryan which  I'm planning on using for my audition. I'm not sure which instructor would take on the challenge with me because i want to make my dreams come true but also make new start for myself and my son since im in my 30s plus i have fap disease which causes cancer as i get older.  but  I'm not sure if I'm really alto because the last time i was checked by choir music teacher said i was an alto. I do better with one on one with an instructor plus i need to redo all the basics all over again. i am going to be practicing on  likee i go by Jade Whizz on there. likee id jadrose7. i got to put it in my mindset i can do it over come areas that need to be fixed.

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