Seeing improvement in the first day.

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    Paul MIller 4 years ago

    Im interested in learning about flow, lyric memorization, pop and R&B songwriitng, coming up with a singing-tune for future songs, does that have to do with rhythm? I did the first 7 lessons today in beginner course. In between did intonation then stopped, did R&B lesson. Im doing Jonathan Estabrooks 30 day begginer course. I want to get better with range as well and get through these courses and see the progress so I can share. Im not having any trouble learning lip trill slowly learnt it, but the first lip trill comes to me in the first lesson. Im at the beginning stage of singing, but I know when my voice needs a break; so I stopped today at lesson 7. Im 29 years old, im a Hip Hop artist/rapper, I love writing songs, rap songs but I been interested in using my singing voice, im 18 days tabacco free, a massage therapy graduate im also getting into sound healing, and i wrote a book its on amazon about Hip Hop and emceeing. Its called MC Nook The Formula: My Life and Hip Hop by Paul J. Miller. I can still improve in some areas, I haven't evolved fully and reached my full potential and God isn't done with me yet I got so much to do when it comes to music and leaving my foot print on Earth. I also never got into performance much I think thats interesting as well. What will this course do for me when completed and practiced enough? And whats a good routine, I know its a lot of questions just trying to engage and get the best out of it. :)

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    Billy 4 years ago

    Hi Paul,

    I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying our singing lessons! It sounds like you took a really deep dive into our lessons and that's great. So happy you're learning a ton. Also super happy to hear that you're trying to sing more. Congrats on being tobacco free as well! 

    This course is aimed at people that simply want to improve their vocal technique. So this is perfect for you. As you already know, we have a lot of different singers teaching and it's full of useful information. We always suggest trying to go through the 30 Day Beginner course first to really get a grasp for singing and to learn all of the foundations of singing. For now, that's the routine you want to get set in. Finish the 30 day course and that should be a solid starting point to learn other styles and techniques. 

    I hope that helps! 

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    Paul MIller 4 years ago

    Thanks Billy. Good advice.

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