30-day beginner. How?

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    Allan Broch 3 years ago

    Just signed up and want to use the beginner 30 day tutorial. How do I use it? I see it has 30 lessons, ao it would make sense for each lesson to be one day. But that means the first day is only the lip thrills and nothing else?

    For how long should I do them?

    Anything else I should add to my daily practice routine? I have up to an hour a day to dedicate to this, but that may be too much? Too little?

    I think I need a little more guiadance to actually use and how to approach the 30-day singer tutorial.

    The Jonathan and Jon courses also seem very different in terms.of content (in the Jon course, there is a "find your range" exercise for instance,) The Jon course is labeled day1, day2 etc. Not so with the Jonathan course. Why? What? 

    This is somewhat confusing.

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Allan!

    The 30 day beginner course is designed to take you from little to no knowledge of vocal technique to a solid foundation of technique and principles to guide your practice. I suggest starting with Jonathan Estabrooks' course.

    Some students complete more than one video in a day, particularly if the topic covered is something familiar and easy for you to implement. When it comes to topics like cord closure and range extension, the lesson will educate you on how to improve those skills over time; most elements of your singing technique will improve the more you practice over time, similar to any new skill or coordination.

    As for what to do with your practice time, you can watch a lesson (or more, if it's one of the introductory lessons that you're comfortable with), repeat any new warmups/exercises, do some active listening, learn a new song, etc. An hour total is good if you're not actively singing the whole time - I recommend a shorter time of active singing for beginners to avoid vocal fatigue.

    Best of luck!

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    Allan Broch 3 years ago

    Thank you... i am a complete beginner and on top if that I don't really have singing confidence either. I do want to learn though and am dedicated.


    So if I do some of the beginner warmup and then just do the exercises for each daily lesson, that's sort of the program? I am not in a hurry... a month to be able to just sing a bit and at least have some sense of singing is fine for me. It takes time to develop skills and I'd rather do it well and right, than quickly.

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Yes, that's a good plan! You'll notice that one of the lessons in the 30 day program is a standalone warm-up (rather than a lesson covering a specific topic) that you can use. The idea is that you're warming up before trying something new and potentially challenging, which you'll encounter in most of the lesson videos. Warming up prepares your voice to sing by gently stretching out your vocal folds, increasing blood flow, and getting your cords lined up properly. The practice of warming up daily will help to increase your confidence as you get to know your own voice and gain vocal control.

    You're right on track in your thinking: there's no benefit to rushing through! 

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