30 day singer orignal song, always flat on a note

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    Ian Belliveau 3 years ago

    Hello, I'm going through the 30 day program with Jonathan, and when praciticing the original song I always fall terribly flat on the 4th line ending note (with a voice uniquely MINE). It's like when I try to raise the note I get louder but the pitch doesn't change. Is there anything specifically I can work on to get there? Something practical that transfers straight into singing the song? Please let me know. Thank you

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Ian! The issue is most likely your registration - I'm guessing you're in chest voice and you're getting a heavy sound that's falling flat. Try first just "calling" on the syllable NO or WOAH with the jaw dropped to see if you can find that pitch and "speak" it in tune. Then, sing on a MUH. Last, sing the word MINE, but keep the vowel closer to UH. (This should help you achieve more "mix" in your sound, rather than purely chest voice with a wide EYE vowel in the word MINE). 

    Hope that helps - let me know!

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    Ian Belliveau 3 years ago

    Hi, I've been working on this for a bit and I think it's making a difference. Thanks for your help. 

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    Ben Martin 3 years ago

    Glad it's making a difference Ian! Thanks for your question.

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