Diaphragm down and out on the exhale?!?

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    Scottmehner 1 year ago

    I am confused about pushing the diaphram down and out on the exhale as opposed to pushing in as stated by Camille in lesson 7.  It seems to work well for the first few seconds but my gut inevitably starts pushing in to keep the air flowing.  Any thoughts?  Thanks

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 year ago

    Hi, Scott! There's more than one way to manage your airflow. If slowly drawing the belly inward helps, do that! The one thing you want to avoid is crunching in with your upper belly (solar plexus), as that leads to excess tension in the throat. That's why I prefer flexing out or keeping my lower belly and ribcage (roughly) where they were after inhaling. But please do what works best for your body!

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