How to settle on a genre or two?

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    Seann 2 years ago

    Hi Camille


    I've improved so much since I began 30DS. I practice in a healthy way about 5 days a week. I'm getting very good with technique and vocal health and safety in general but I don't seem to be progressing in terms of choices of style, genre. I seems to enjoy singing a bit of just about everything and I can't settle. Any advice? 

    Traditional pop, musical theatre, punk, rock, electronica (90s), Indie (90s), lounge, 60s pop. What I would say is is that I have a habit of getting excited about a song or a few, I start practicing and I end up wanting to move to other songs without learning previous songs as well as I could/should. 

    I'm going a bit bonkers - can you advise? 

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    Glad you're seeing improvement! 

    As for learning one song at a time, I do encourage you to sing what you're currently passionate about, and not "force" a song that you're tired of or bored with. However, it can be helpful to give yourself the goal of "performing" a song before moving on (perhaps recording yourself, watching/listening back, and making notes on what you did well & what you want to improve). 

    There are some songs we tackle in a few weeks, and others we start, put on the shelf, and revisit later. 

    As for finding your style, I think it's overrated to settle on just one genre! I love singing classical, musical theater, r&b, jazz, blues, folk, Americana, etc. But here's some advice for you:

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    Seann 2 years ago

    Thanks Camille! You guys are so helpful. 

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