Lyrics for standard song used in Jon Statham's class "Singing in the style of your favorite male singers".

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    Xie Do Fu 3 years ago

    So i'm wondering if we can we get the lyrics for the song used during Jon Statham's series of classes " "Singing in the style of your favorite male singers"? It's the same song for all the vocalists's style which is an awesome way to learn, but i find it difficult to follow the lesson and focus on the styles of the singers when i'm also trying to learn the lyrics at the same time... some of which i can't understand yet. If i could relax on the lyrics and read them from a sheet then i could focus on the main point of the lessons better.  ... i hope this makes sense

    it would be super helpful if someone could reply with the lyrics from that song. 
    Much appreciation


    (p.s.) I already submitted this post as a separate topic. I'm not sure which is the correct place to ask this question. Apologies for the duplicate.... it seems like a separate topic would be appropriate but this thread seems to be used for all kinds of questions so i'm not sure which is right. 
    (If i could get the answer to that as well that'd be great. That way i'll get it right the first time the next time)

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    No worries at all, Xie! Here are the lyrics for "Everyone I Can". You can post in any section - I read them all! It just helps other students if they're reading through a specific section and might be interested in your related topic. 

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