Relaxation of the Larynx

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    Nicla-seidel 1 year ago

    Hey dear Team, 

    I just started with the beginnercourse with wonderful Camille, to get the basics. A question I have since a long time and appeared now even through the first lessons: Do I have to relax the larynx while singing? I feel like I have the choice: Before, I always "used" it to get the tone. With relaxation I dont always get the tone right, but I feel like its something that will come with time? Just feels much easier in general for my body (less forcing). Or is this nonsense and I have to use it?
    Thank you!

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 year ago

    Great question! The answer is: it depends on the pitch, desired tone & intensity, and the style/genre. Please see this lesson for an in-depth response:

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