Sheet Music For Share My Voice, Jon Statham

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    Frank Dias 2 years ago

    To John Statham- thanks for your lessons which I am really enjoying and making progress with!

    I would really appreciate if you could email me a copy of the Sheet Music (guitar Lead & Chords) to sing your song, "Share My Voice",  better than I am at present. I can read basic music notes etc. My email:  [email protected]

    Thanks a lot!


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    Robert Klein 6 months ago

    There should be a link to the lead sheet with the lesson as well as all lessons in which an actual song is being sung. We shouldn't have to request this. I was unable to sing along with Jonathan Estabrooks in Lesson #9 of his 30-Day Beginner Course in which he sang the pre-chorus and chorus since I didn't have the lead sheet. It wasn't until I located the applicable section of the forum and advanced several pages that I located an entry from 2 years ago for Sheet Music for Share My Voice by Jon Statham.

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    Camille van Niekerk 6 months ago

    Hi, Robert! I'm sharing this with the team who uploads lessons and materials so they can update those lessons. Thank you for your input!

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