Use Practice time more efficient.

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    Lucajung1 2 years ago


    i just wanted to ask how i can use my Practising time in the best way possible.

    I practice 2 Hours daily.

    I currently start with 15 minutes of Warming Up. Then watching a lesson and taking notes.
    After that i either do ear training (recognizing Intervals) and then work on a Song.

    Should i specificly work on the Leanings after each session or create a "Training Plan" with the exercises?

    Is there anything that you would do differently, or how would you use your time?

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 years ago

    That's fantastic! I'd recommend the same:

    1. Warmup

    2. Lesson

    3. Ear training

    4. Song work

    And within the warmup, or just before song work, you could incorporate any skill-specific exercises not included in your warmup. 

    I also encourage you to give yourself rest days or "fun" days where you do a quick, easy warmup and just sing for fun :)

    Keep up the great work!

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