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    Alexandros Antoniou 4 years ago

    So I decided to go with Johnathans program(as am a man)but he doesn’t have a complete warm up routine.I noticed that Camille's day2 is a daily warmup routine. Is it a good idea to use that as my warmup and continue taking Jonathans lessons?

    By the way my practice structure is; Camille's day2 warmup and Johns next lesson+Learning a song I like. Is that alright?

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Alexandros!


    Yes, that's a good plan! You can also check out our male warmup routine here:


    Along with all that you've mentioned, I recommend beginners also work on pitch matching by playing a pitch (see here for a virtual keyboard with scientific pitch notation: and matching that pitch with your voice (see here for a chromatic tuner that works with your device's microphone: 




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