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    Danny Rivera 4 years ago

    In the singing higher lesson , when should i know to stop following along? when my voice starts to crack? when my voice sounds to breathy ? also is it okay to go to this lesson before finishing the 30 days? i really want to improve and increase my high notes but maybe im doing it wrong


    Thanks in advance

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Danny!

    It's a good idea to stop following along if/when you feel pain/strain, or when you're no longer making sound. Cracking will happen (for untrained singers, and sometimes for trained ones as well) when you're transitioning from chest voice to head voice. Falsetto has a naturally light, airy quality, so that's also normal to have a breathy tone before you've trained your head voice. You're welcome to skip around and take your time!



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