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    Daniel 4 years ago

    Hi ! My name is Daniel , i am 21 years old and technicly i sound like a baritone but i can hit a C5#  easily.. so  my question is witch  teacher i should choose.I mean from all of  you i don't know with who to  start.

    P.S.: lowest note G2

    I am going well G2-E4 and after i am going in head voice but after C5#  to F5  is  hard.

    I am also playing at the piano but i need more technique to develop more skills for my voice .

    I am waiting for your answer , ty ! Wish you the best ! 





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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Daniel! 

    Jonathan Estabrooks and I both teach the same concepts, so I'd start with his course! It'll be helpful for you to hear him demonstrating in your octave. 

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