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    Jennyanndennis 3 years ago

     Hi Camille, you say to always warm up before singing. So if we watch any of the videos where you mention are warm-ups. And do those no matter which video it is. Is that consider a warm up then it's okay to sing whatever and how we want? Also what's the difference between a warmup and exercise? 

        And I noticed in your videos you do alot of lip trills and lip rolls. But I haven't figured them out yet. I been trying. But when you do lip trills. Is there something else I could do instead to get the same effect and outcome? Thanks. 

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Jenny! Day 2 of the beginner course is a nice, short warmup. There are plenty of warmups on this page, too. 

    Warmup and exercise are used interchangeably, but we can call it a warmup if it's towards the beginning of our practice and is gently getting our voice "warmed up", rather than challenging our range, agility, strength, stamina, etc.

    A great replacement for lip trills is straw phonation. See below for tips!

    Here's a lesson explaining how to use the straw with some exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EecSsVgM3TM.

    And here's an article explaining the benefits in detail: https://www.voicescienceworks.org/straw-phonation.html

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    Jennyanndennis 3 years ago

    Hi Camille.

       So when I do the beginners course. Should I always start with Day 2 or the warmups you suggested before going to the next day? Also it doesn't show you stretching in all the videos each day. So should I do the stretches before each day I start a new video? Thanks. 

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hi, Jenny!

    Yes, please warm up before starting a new lesson (either with the day 2 warmup or other warmups below). Each lesson does include vocal exercise, but those are not a complete warmup, as they focus on one aspect of vocal technique. 

    Here are some more warmup options for you:

    5-minute warmup

    12-minute warmup

    13-minute gentle warmup

    10-minute alto warmup (soprano & mezzo coming soon)

    More warmups on our warmup page!

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