After watching the 30 lessons, then what?

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    Pianoman3131 1 year ago

    Forgive me if this has come up before,  there are so many topics here and I don't know how to search them for what I am looking for.

    So now I am flooded  (overwhelmed) with a ton of information from each of these lessons, and really need to know how to tackle each day that I want to practice to be a better singer.   There doesn't seem to be a template that encompasses all this information into one package.    I understand warming up with trills (bubbles),  but then what?   I've got songs I want to be able to sing and don't know how to go about tackling them with my overloaded brain of info.   It's all just too much.  I don't worry too much about tone or vibrato,  but more about range and strength building.  I tire easily when singing, especially when the vocals call for many notes in the high end of my abilities.   I appreciate the information but just don't know how to efficiently apply it all.

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 year ago

    Please see below for some guidance! 

    Building a daily practice routine for beginners:


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