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    Darick Mendes 3 years ago

    good day , I am thinking of maybe try to move next level in music career but I am not sure where to start , may I please have suggestions ? 

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    Queen-Ashe'la Frederick 3 years ago

    Hi there 

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    Diana 3 years ago

    Hi there wondering the same thing, what is your next move when you decide to make a career out of singing?

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Hello, all!

    I recommend reading "Startup Musician", subscribing to podcasts within your niche, and joining FaceBook groups within your niche. For example, I am a member of Singer friends LA and a handful of other groups for professional freelance musicians on FaceBook. 

    There are so many avenues for singers, and it may help to narrow your search: 

    - Singer-songwriter

    - Songwriter for other singers

    - Self-produce singles and even albums

    - Post covers on YouTube/TikTok/Instagram

    - Choral singer (audition for a local choir)

    - Backing vocalist 

    - Sing for corporate events

    - Wedding/event singer

    Think about what interests you within the field (maybe it's more than one niche), and begin researching that specifically! Networking is important in any field, so be on the lookout for FB groups to join, local choirs to sing in, open mic nights, and ways to work with other singers and musicians. 

    I know it's broad advice, but I hope it helps!

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