How to Effectively Listen to my voice

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    Vincechoyguyo 2 months ago

    Hi Cammile,

    How can I Effectively and efficiently Listen to my voice?

    When I sing a song I feel that my voice sounds good(as far as my hearing is concern) but once I listen to it in my recordings it sounds different(weird/worse) than what I have anticipated.  

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 months ago

    Always identify one thing you think you're doing well!

    Then, get specific with your critical feedback. For example: is something "off" with the tone? How would you describe the tone you're getting and the tone you want? Is vowel modification the answer? Can you think of an exercise that will get you into that range more easily? 

    Here's an article that may help:

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    Houwright 1 month ago

    My voice coach gave me gold advice: books.

    It sounds crazy, but it works.

    You sing while putting two books vertically right in front of your ears. This gives you a round and good sound of what you hear. Then you hear what's actually being recorded.

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    Zoelikesbruno 1 month ago

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