I am Scared of Singing

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    Prateek Aneja 2 months ago

    Little about me, i am 37 year ols never sang in my whole life just a bathroom singer. I learned guitar and when i sing with it .. you know the results I stopped playing guitar itself because my voice is so bad.


    I took this course but the first warmum of lip trill- and i was not able to do it. I have almost zero knowledge of singign and music but I want to try it but it seems verry difficult now.

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    Camille van Niekerk 2 months ago

    Hi, Prateek! Please don't let the lip trill stop you. There are plenty of alternatives! See below, and keep singing :)

    Straw singing is a great replacement for lip trills! Here's a lesson on other lip trill alternatives too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wzbyyl1d-I.


    Here's an article on lip trills and a short lesson with extra tips as well!

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