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    Prommy Ree 5 months ago


    I have recently started my beginner course and I'm wondering Should I be repeating the exercise learnt throughout the courses each day as I continue or should just follow the courses linearly? Also, is it ok to use the bonus beginner exercises in the mp3s alongside the course exercises or am I risking injury?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Camille van Niekerk 5 months ago

    Hi, Prommy! Please see here for guidance: A typical day could be warming up (with the general warmup provided), reviewing yesterday's exercise (espcially if you found it helpful), and then watching the new lesson. You can also stay on a lesson for more than one day to review and reinforce that new skill. 

    Feel free to use the bonus exercises whenever you like! Ideally, though, you'll save some time and energy for a bit of song work, too. 

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