Sitting in between of vocal ranges (I think...)

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    Fransandree 1 week ago

    Dear 30DaySinger Crew,


    I've been taking your courses, especially the beginner ones from Camille which I've been enjoying very much. 

    After having stopped for some time i've recently picked up the course again but now I have found myself a conundrum. 

    Trying to do the exercises after the class I feel most comfortable with the Alto range although the top notes tend to feel too stretched. whereas the Tenor range seems fine for the majority but in the lower regiment I seem to not put the same emphasis on melodically pushing out the sounds (as opposed to the Alto).

    I'm a male and people consider me to have a lower tone voice, and do this course in order to strengthen and train my voice for singing and voice over work I do on occasion.

    But now i'm slightly puzzled as to where I sit with my vocal range. Should I continue trying with the Alto range or keep on training the Tenor one (as they say this is where the highest male voices tend to sit), or could it be that I sit in the middle.

    If that is the case, what would you suggest that I do to utilize the trainings in the correct manner?

    Apologies if this question has previously been posted, I tried searching but I do not see a search bar for the entire forum. 


    Keep up the work and I'll look forward what else I can get out of the course!!


    Best regards,



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    Camille van Niekerk 1 week ago

    Great question, Frans! Many voices don't fit exactly within one vocal range. I recommend you alternate tenor & alto exercises depending on how your voice is feeling that day! I do the same for myself, alternating between alto and soprano exercises. Perhaps over time, you'll find your voice comfortably "settle" into one of the two types, or perhaps your range expands to cover both comfortably! That's just one tricky thing about having such a flexible, unique instrument :)

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    Fransandree 1 week ago

    Thank you Camille, I will take this to heart and continue at it!


    I'll keep on stretching those muscles ;) 


    Have a nice weekend!

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    Camille van Niekerk 6 days ago

    Glad to help!

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