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    Ezeekiel Love 4 months ago

     I've been trying to find my vocal range so I downloaded a few apps and from what I can see my lowest is A2 and my highest is E5 though I'm able to go higher but not consistently search how to find online what type of singer I Am her what type of voice I have or whatever and I can't find anything can someone please help me

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 months ago

    Hi, Ezeekiel! Read this article for some guidance. What's more important than your overall range is your tessitura: the range that feels most comfortable and sounds most beautiful. It could be that you have a very wide range, which means you might not fit into one voice type, and that's totally fine! 

    I encourage you to make note of the songs you feel best singing (and the singers who you can most easily sing along with): that can help you find where you "fit" most comfortably!

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