Song Recommendations for Alto/Low Mezzo Voice

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    Emilywall19 4 months ago

    Hi friends!  Camille, I have really been enjoying your course.  I've been singing as long as I can remember, but it has been wonderful to focus on my technique and strive for improvement.  Would anyone have some good song suggestions for an alto voice?  This could also go into a mezzo range, as I am trying to stretch my upper register.  Faith-based music would also be an asset, as I am the worship director at my local church.  Thanks so much!!

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 months ago

    Thank you, Emily! You can look for songs within a specific range on (and I believe you can filter by genre as well). 

    Below are some easy beginner songs I covered in a live lesson a while back. Hopefully a few can get you started!



    Pop - Count on me (Bruno Mars); key of C, range of A3-C5

    Blues/folk - Don’t know why (Norah Jones); key of Bb, range of Bb3-C5

    Pop/rock - Exes and Oh’s (Elle King); key of Em, range of B3-B4

    Pop - Stay (Rihanna); key of C, range of A3-C5



    Blues - Gimme one reason (Tracy Chapman); key of A, range of F#3-A4

    Pop - Style (Taylor Swift); key of D, range of B3-A4

    Folk - Bad moon rising (CCR); key of D, range of D4-G4

    Pop ballad - Drops of Jupiter; key of C, range of A3-A4

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