The sea as a place to practice my voice

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    Vincechoyguyo 1 month ago

    Hi Camille, me again, is it advisable that every morning I will go to the sea just to practice my vocal exercise and warmup ? Like a basic lip thrill humming,  ng etc. Can I improve my voice there?tnx

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 month ago

    You certainly can! I usually recommend that beginners use a video or mp3 as a guide (to keep you grounded in a key), but you're welcome to slide from a comfortably low note to a comfortably high note (on a lip trill or hum), and gradually extend lower and higher as you're able. You can also sing the melody of a song on a lip trill, hum or NG at the ocean. I've certainly done that and it's lovely!

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