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    Seann 11 months ago

    Hi Camille I have been sick for about a month w a sore throat. In the last two weeks I have been gently taking part in singing. I usually have a good higher voice (head voice) but it disappears now. E g. when I try and do the cuckoo exercise - there's nothing but a breathy squeak. Is it ok for me to do the 30DS head voice exercises using just eee - at least until Im able to do ooo, cuckoo etc comfortably? E is the only way I can do HV exercises without strain &/or pain. I'm not sure how long this is going to last for although I notice that in some areas my voice feels much better and the pain is reducing when I practice in the lower range.  Chest voice exercises and low voice songs are far more comfortable but also seem to be helping esp. w tone, vowel modification, sustains, sovt exercises etc - these seem to be improving. I don't want to give up on HV. Even though I still have a slightly sore throat is it ok for me to continue to practice? Is it possible that my lower practice is healing my sore throat? 

    Much appreciate your advice! 


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    Camille van Niekerk 11 months ago

    Glad to hear you're on the mend, Seann! The absolute safest bet would be to continue resting until your throat is no longer sore. But if you feel no pain when singing, it is most likely safe to resume singing!

    Yes, please continue to use that EE vowel while you recover your head voice (and any other exercises that feel gentle and light, perhaps something semi-closed like singing through a straw or an NG sound). Head voice range and clarity can take a while to come back after illness!

    And there are some exercises shown to reduce swelling (which causes soreness), mainly semi-occluded exercises like straw singing. So it's very possible that some vocal exercise is helping!

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