A compilation video that contains only the exercises

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    Don Ho 3 years ago


    I just finished the 30 day course with Jonathan Estabrooks. Fantastic teacher and lessons! Instead of going through the full course again, I'd like a video that contains only the exercises. Please let me know if the video is currently on the site or will be posted in the near future. 



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    Billy 3 years ago

    Hi Don,

    We do have an entire category of lessons focused only on exercises and warm ups, but what you're looking for is, a video with only exercises from Jonathan? 

    Our Warmup category here: https://www.30daysinger.com/warmups

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    Don Ho 3 years ago

    Hi Billy,

    Yes, that would be great if you guys have it. It wouldn't take long to edit the course down to a 30-60 mintues video.  I'll check out to other videos as well. 


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