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    Thomas Killinger 3 years ago

    Hey everybody! 

    As English is not my native language I was wondering how you guys see the topic of accents in singing:

    - Do you usually adopt accents while singing songs by other artists? 
    - Is your singing accent your speaking accent? 

    Adele for example changes her accent quite a bit as far as I could tell (more rp while singing)

    I am looking forward to reading your opinions! :) 

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    Brayden 3 years ago

    Sometimes I do

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    Great question, Thomas! For me personally, I'd say my accent (Standard American/born and raised in California) stays consistent when I sing. But I will change pronunciation (especially vowel shapes) depending on the style. So Adele, for example, uses a lot of dark, rounded vowels - and I may incorporate some of those, while not trying to imitate her accent. Some genres (country, for example) bring out a stronger accent as part of the style. 

    It's an interesting topic to think about! 

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