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    Nikita John Creagh 1 year ago

    Hey there. So i've started to sing and as it turned out my voice style is unhelthy you call it breathy voice. And i have problem when controling the air when singing a long frase. So i would like to ask you how can i control my breath more so that i could have more air on those long frases or how can i use less air when singing? Hope you understand my question. Sory for my poor english :)

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    Camille van Niekerk 1 year ago

    Hi, Nikita!

    The best way to reduce the amount of air leaking through is to train on an SOVT (semi-occluded vocal tract) exercise. These include singing through a straw or using a lip trill, VV, MM, NN, or NG. 

    Once you hear that no extra air is leaking through, you can start to use exercises that begin with a voiced consonant (ex: MUM, NAY, NO, ZEE, VAH) or that start with a consonant that closes your vocal folds (ex: GUH, BO). 

    If your speaking voice is also very airy, and/or you're experiencing other issues like hoarseness, notes missing in your range, or the inability to sing in head voice, then I'd urge you to ask your doctor for a checkup! Those are signs that there could be underlying vocal damage, in which case the best course of action would be determined by your doctor. Since I'm not hearing you sing, I just want to be on the safe side and let you know what I'd tell a private student during a lesson, if I heard excess breathiness and those other issues! 

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